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South Notts Psychotherapeutic Counselling For Change

Briony Prior
Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

Prof Dip Psy C, Cert Hyp CS, CBT Level 3,
Advanced CBT Level 4, MA & B Mus

Seeking to provide Professional,
Empathetic and Practical Support


Experience being listened to and collaborate with a professional to achieve the most effective path forward for your well-being


Improve the quality of your life as quickly and easily as possible

Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Confidence and Self Esteem



coping with change

Relationship Problems


What is Counselling?

Counselling is different things to different people. Some people derive the most benefit from talking, being heard, having their feelings validified, and in the process, gaining clarity on their thoughts and feelings through conversation and reflection. This, in itself, can sometimes be enough to help one move forwards and implement a path towards a better sense of well being. 

Collaboration with a therapist can also help to identify triggers and patterns in our behaviour that are not helpful. Once we are able to identify our unhelpful behaviours we can work on implementing change. An understanding of where these triggers are  from and why they were established in the first place can be very insightful, provide relief and inspire the conviction necessary to make positive changes. 

The support from a professional, when it comes to making the changes that we desire, or simply dealing with a difficult situation or period in our lives, can be invaluable. There are many available strategies to help us cope with our current situation or implement positive change. A professional counsellor can help you to find something that works for you.

  • £50 per 1 hour session
  • Flexible availability to suit yourself

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state that you probably enter and leave automatically several times a day. For example, when daydreaming, driving down the motorway, watching a good movie or reading a book. Hypnotherapy actively seeks to recreate this relaxed state in the client, as it is in this state of relaxation that your subconscious is most open to receiving new ideas. Except the ideas are generally not new. They are probably ways of thinking or behaving that your conscious mind has desired for a long time.

Hypnotherapy provides a way to get your subconscious mind to adopt the thoughts and behaviours you desire by temporarily bypassing any conscious thoughts to the contrary. And since the subconscious is where all of our automatic thought processes and actions originate, this is just what we need in order to make positive changes in our lives with immediate effect.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to treat:

harmful habits, phobias, IBS, weight loss, smoking cessation.

  • £50 per 1 hour session
  • Flexible availability to suit yourself

About me

I live and practice counselling and hypnotherapy in Nottinghamshire. I have been a secondary school teacher for 30 years and still teach part time in addition to my work with CASY counselling, Anxiety UK and running my own private psychotherapeutic counselling and hypnotherapy practice. 

I aim to provide a safe and empathetic environment in which we can explore the best way forward for you. 

My approach to counselling is pluralistic. I aim to adapt my approach to meet the needs of my client. Different approaches I might use include a Person Centred Approach, a Psychodynamic Approach and the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Although counselling and hypnotherapy are separate therapies, they can be used in conjunction with one another. What appeals to me hugely about hypnotherapy is that, contrary to popular belief, its success is entirely routed in logic and common sense. We are all aware that many of our everyday decisions are made automatically, by our subconscious minds: so it makes perfect sense to access our subconscious directly if we want to alter those unhelpful automatic thoughts. 


“I can fully recommend Briony’s hypnotherapy service. Very professional. And what’s more, it works. I have always understood that the subconscious is responsible for many of our automatic actions/reactions and these sessions gave me the chance to focus in and recondition my thinking in a relaxed, fully aware, state of mind.”

“Counselling has been a relief: a safe place to share my feelings without being judged. I thought it would be more intense, but it’s been more like a conversation”.

“I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Briony. It’s an extremely relaxing experience. I felt focussed and positive after each session. Hypnotherapy helped me reach my fitness and weight loss goals. What’s amazing is that after the sessions were completed I continued to achieve great results..”

Member Organisations

The National Hypnotherapy Society is a Learned Society whose primary purpose is the advancement of the knowledge of hypnotherapy and the fostering of professional hypnotherapy expertise through training, accreditation and continued professional development of their members. The Society seeks to contribute to public wellbeing both through the use of hypnotherapy and by ensuring that hypnotherapists are safe, competent and ethical in practice.

The Accredited Register Scheme was set up in 2013 by the Department of Health (DoH) as a way to recognize organizations that hold voluntary registers which meet certain standards. These standards are set by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).

This therapist has indicated that they belong to an Accredited Register.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is one of the major professional bodies for counseling and psychotherapy in the UK. They provide accreditation for practitioners and have a directory of registered therapists on their website.

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